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Lung Time, No.. Si :3

It’s been a long ass time, yo! I’ve just come out of hospital from a very successful surgery that should put to bed all health concerns relating to my lungs, and collapses thereof.

But enough about that. I’m way more excited about being featured in this month’s issue of Follow magazine!

I am especially honoured in this case, because it’s a magazine on the cutting edge, one that oozes with passion and excitement.

Every issue is full of fascinating reads about the various ways in which artists, from all disciplines and backgrounds, are making a living from their work. I've learned a lot from it, and continue to do so.

This month, I talk about how I empowered myself as both an artist and an entrepreneur; producing and releasing my album Pale Horse and accidentally, kind of, going viral.

Check it out on the app store, Google Play, or http://www.followmagazine.online/




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