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Progress report: second album on its way!

Hold up.

I’ve almost finished recording and mixing my second album! I have a name in mind, but will announce when I release the artwork. I haven’t commissioned this yet, so it might be a little while yet..

I can’t believe this crazy year’s almost over! Pale Horse took me two years to produce, and I’ve managed to haphazard together an album that’s longer and richer in less than a year – a year where I spent months at a time unable to record.

Great photo:  This is about a third of the number of tracks in one song

Great photo: This is about a third of the number of tracks in one song


On a more exciting note, Joanne and I will be moving to the UK next month. We plan to spend the better part of next year travelling across the Americas, but I’ll put on a few acoustic gigs while I’m in the UK, if I have time. Being honest, that probably isn’t going to happen, but anyone who does actually read this blog is used to false promises by now.

Anyway, yeah. Buy my album. Rate it on iTunes.

You know the drill.



Lung Time, No.. Si :3

It’s been a long ass time, yo! I’ve just come out of hospital from a very successful surgery that should put to bed all health concerns relating to my lungs, and collapses thereof.

But enough about that. I’m way more excited about being featured in this month’s issue of Follow magazine!

I am especially honoured in this case, because it’s a magazine on the cutting edge, one that oozes with passion and excitement.

Every issue is full of fascinating reads about the various ways in which artists, from all disciplines and backgrounds, are making a living from their work. I've learned a lot from it, and continue to do so.

This month, I talk about how I empowered myself as both an artist and an entrepreneur; producing and releasing my album Pale Horse and accidentally, kind of, going viral.

Check it out on the app store, Google Play, or http://www.followmagazine.online/




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