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Houston Begins

I'm moving house and need to store some stuff at my parents' place for a while, so I've been sorting through my old things to make space.

Among many redundant finds, subsequently binned, I have found what I believe to be the inception of my career in journalism.

Behold, my first, never-before-seen blog post: Things to do with grapes.

Wine, eat your heart out  :    A well-penned, thoughtful musing on grapes.

Wine, eat your heart out: A well-penned, thoughtful musing on grapes.

Although I do not recall ever building this particular salacious-sounding website, it would have been a headquarters for my Team Fortress Classic clan, Ruff Ryderz - some sort of homage to rapper DMX. Arf, Arf.

You know how I said I never finish what I start? Well, yeah. That clan consisted of me and one of my internet friends. Actually, maybe it was just me.

Anyway, it gets better. On the reverse is the last thing one could potentially do with a grape.

Grapes alive  :  I suppose, one  could  do that to a grape!

Grapes alive: I suppose, one could do that to a grape!

I did actually design quite a few websites when I was a kid. I think the first one I ever made the aptly-named Pokémon SUX, a website devoted to gifs depicting violence against Pokémon. Bear in mind, I made this website in 1999, when I was about 10 and still very much enjoyed Pocket Monsters cartoons, trading cards and video games. The first film even made me cry. Quite the contrarian.

Brainstorming:  More brilliant plans.

Brainstorming: More brilliant plans.

Subsequent online endeavours included eminemplus, a website devoted to famed rapper Eminem, and apparently a planned Counter-Strike Rocks!

1337 pwnage:  An emphasis on quality control.

1337 pwnage: An emphasis on quality control.

Later in life, I would go on to edit anime music videos for the then-largest Anime Music Video website in the world, which ended up being shut down due to internal drama I was not privy to. My 'handler' used to get annoyed at me because I tended to produce rap music videos, rather than the favoured alternative rock/pseudo-metal.

Oh, I have had many an adventure on the internet.

Yeah... I was a weird kid.

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