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Blogging in the free world

Even though I write for a living, and for fun, blogging doesn't come very naturally to me.

I think it's probably the same issue I have with Twitter; I have plenty of thoughts, I just find it hard to summon and express them in their raw form, for the sake of having them acknowledged. By strangers [Yes, YOU].

Those 'in the know' often advise I blog about something specific - to become a 'wiseman', or an 'authority'. "Why not write about music, or production?"

After all, I do now have unique insight into producing, distributing and publishing an album independently, and I think that probably is quite valuable for those aspiring to do the same.

However, releasing an album says it all and although I take it very seriously, being an artist does not define me in absolute terms. I'm married; I like samurai films; I play video games; I eat pizza more often, and in larger volumes, than a man my age should. Who says I can't be an authority on these? 

Anyway, grandiose musings aside, I keep telling myself I can't really 'launch' my website until I start blogging and announcing things. So, as redundant as this post may be, it is crucial. 


[Note to self: Set the bar low, and raise it from there.]


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